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Kunstfabrik bhf2
Edition Telemark
Experimentelle Musik
Stephan Wunderlich
Michael Barthel
René Bastian
Hans-Leo Rohleder
Rolf Langebartels
SKOP Frankfurt
Kirsten Kötter

Talks on International Conferences

IEEE Real Time Conference RT

1981 Oak Ridge Data Reduction System DARSY
1983 BerkeleyOnline/offline Data Analyzing System DARSY
1987 San FranciscoGOOSY, the new GSI acquisition and analysis system for experiment data
1989 WilliamsburgAn integrated data acquisition and analysis system at GSI
1991 Jülich GOOSY-VME the data acquisition and analysis system at GSI
1995 Lansing The new data acquisition system at GSI
1997 Beaune Participant
1999 Santa FeControl system for cancer therapy with a heavy ion beam at GSI
1999 Santa FeThe General Purpose Data Acquisition System MBS
2001 ValenciaGo4 Multi-tasking Class Library with ROOT
2003 MontrealGo4 On-line Monitoring
2005 StockholmFutureDAQ for CBM
2007 FermilabData Acquisition Backbone Core DABC
2010 LissabonOnline Object Monitoring With Go4 V4.4
2010 LissabonA DIM based communication protocol to build generic control clients

CERN Computing in High Energy Physics CHEP

1997 BerlinParticipant
1998 ChicagoParticipant
2000 PaduaParticipant
2003 San DiegoGo4 v2 Analysis Framework
2004 InterlakenGo4 analysis design
2006 MumbaiFutureDAQ for CBM: Online Event Selection
2007 VictoriaData Acquisition Backbone Core DABC
2009 PragData Acquisition Backbone Core DABC Release v1.0